Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After a break in my usual routine it is good to get back to the easel although I'm sharing an earlier work here. I've thought about what motivated me to paint this piece after so many friends and patrons consider this a "different" style for me. One of the reasons this may have a different look is because I toned my 12 x 24 panel almost completely black using the darkest colors I had on my palette at the time. I wanted the light in my studio to make those satsumas glow and the glass sparkle. The dark behind and beneath the objects would be what unified them. It was an exercise to go literally from dark to light. Each item has a bit of an outline from the toned panel beneath. I had a limited time in which to work and I liked it so much when I had finished that I resisted going back into my alla prima brushwork. OK, The real motivator? I was thinking about my very first oil painting instructor having me do this exercise years ago and always wanted to do a painting which would include the cup she gave me! I guess I added a few items to show if off! Funny how things just happen to work out when you are having fun! Those are the pieces that tend to show it too.

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  1. This is one of my favorite Pam Flanders paintings! It is interesting to learn that it was painted on a dark ground. I am a real suck for the blue ball jar and the satsuma next to one another. Five stars!