Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts on 'Orange'

As I was browsing through the still life images I've been setting up to paint in my studio this winter, it occurred to me that the majority of the images include oranges or orange objects. I love warm colors (and warmth). Maybe the combination of cool, blue-gray, winter days drives me to seek its compliment. I know I'd rather be painting in my studio than outside on those days. For some reason it brings me joy to have these objects around me. I was told once that peeling an orange and inhaling the jest can lift ones spirits if depressed. I have also heard that the color orange in paintings isn't a popular seller? Anyone have a complimentary color wall space they want filled?


  1. Orange isn't popular? It should be...especially YOUR oranges! All your orange paintings are beauuutiful!

  2. I love orange - it's one of my favorite colors, but then I tend to be an oddball so my opinion won't follow the norm. Good luck with your show at U.S.Bank. I follow you in February - I thought the change over date was Jan. 30 since the 31st falls on a Sunday. If it is Feb. 1, I need to know. Look forward to meeting you. Donna