Monday, January 24, 2011

"People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it's simply necessary to love."
-Claude Monet

I must agree with Monet. Even though I love analyzing and discussing artworks and enjoy critiques, when it comes right down to it I always ask myself, "do I really like it?" When it comes to my own artwork I also know I wouldn't have done it if I didn't care for the subject matter or couldn't relate to it. My truck painting entitled "I think I Can" was one I could easily relate to. I have entered it into the Mathew's Galleries CompeteArt2011 competition. When I saw this truck overloaded and tilting as it made its way over the hills between Joseph and Enterprise, OR I was inspired immediately to follow that truck! It was probably much to the dismay of my husband who was driving behind it for several photographs! However we can't always explain what trips our trigger when we see something we know we just have to paint. The way the sunlight was hitting the tops of the hay bales just right and the curve in the road with light and shadow sweeping down the hillside just lent itself to my excitement of getting home to paint it. Like Claude Monet I just Loved it. Maybe because it touched my inner child, my sense of humor, a lightness of being, or a need to find some joy in the moment. I know it flowed from my inner art soul as I painted it, silly as that may sound. Sometimes I take myself too seriously at the easel and forget to have fun during the process. This particular work helped me do just that. Please note that I would never compare my hay bales to Monet's haystacks (if you haven't seen them, look him up and see how many different versions he painted based on various light sources). I hope he had some fun with those studies too. In my last blog I was letting myself off the hook of perfectionism and now getting in touch with humor and fun. This is looking like a great start to 2011 wouldn't you say? By the way anyone who hasn't visited the show CompeteArt2011 really should get to the Mathew's gallery before Feb 16th to vote for their favorite piece. The prizes for artists are based on the public vote. Very ingenious. There are 75 local artist's works available for sale as well as the Mathew's Galleries' extensive collection of early American Artists, many from our area. A percentage of sales will also benefit FISH of Portland. So make February "Love Art Month" and remember to keep supporting the arts in 2011, we artists enjoy making a living almost as much as making art.


  1. Nice post, Pam! I agree, we must paint the things we love. Great job with the truck/hay bales. The big turn out at Matthew's reception just indicates how much people really love visual art. It is heartening to see that in person!

  2. You are so right...makes my heart feel good to know there are lovers and supporters of original art especially locally. I think you are on to something with your lovely figurative impressionistic style as well. Thanks for visiting here.