Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coping with Change

I chose to share a calm painting I did of the coast this year.  It gets me in the best mood to write today.  I have been concentrating on smaller studio works lately.  I could add a number of quotes dealing with the subject of change but for sake of brevity pictures will have to do.  Circumstances have brought on the necessity to sell our home we've loved so dearly which of course includes my wonderful studio space.  I have found it quite a challenge to be in my "zone" when the business of selling a house seems like a full time job in itself and includes scheduled Open Houses and last minute showings.  All necessary of course, but difficult just the same.  I'm missing the quiet concentration time which allows for the process of planning and executing a fine studio painting.  On a positive note it actually has been enlightening for me to evaluate my own process as a painter and I appreciate that new knowledge.

However, little consistency affects my normal routines and exercises which is another reason I have been short on blogging time and have had to forgo future painting events and shows not knowing if I will actually be in the NW to participate. I still enjoy exhibiting my current works at Aurora Gallery in Vancouver.

In the meantime, I would like to share our YouTube video developed by a photographer and our Realty company listed on the video.  It has been a fun professional relationship accomplishing this video.  It  feels like a collaborative work of art in itself.  For those of you familiar with artists and the art process you understand the amount of "stuff" artists accumulate in their surroundings to inspire and encourage creative works.  Knowing this you will appreciate all the work and time it took to clear clutter in order to make the house the main subject of the creative work produced!  Until more quiet painting times I'm enjoying other pieces of my art life that change requires; sorting through art magazines, files, reference photos, etc. For now I leave you with our temporary collaborative video and promises of more updates as my art life evolves...(any artists out there looking for a new home with the perfect studio space?) http://www.youtube.com/embed/IjOAyLW8eA4?rel=0


  1. Beautiful video and beautiful home! I hope your move will be a positive one.

  2. Thanks Linda, agree we will follow where the job leads us and that becomes part of our journey. Good to remember that an artist finds beauty everywhere. I will miss the new friends I've met here and the gorgeous variety in the NW landscape! One step at a time...house is still on the market.