Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost art work

Since this is February and "heart month" I perused my inventory of "red"paintings. I didn't realize how many I actually had. This one jumped out at me more because of the story behind it. It was memorable for many reasons but mainly because it disappeared. It vanished along with another similar piece I had painted the same day. They were going to be given to my two children since I managed to paint each of them during a painting trip. I painted each while talking to my children on my cell phone. Imagine that. I was explaining to them what I was doing and that I was thinking of them and hoping this would be a great memory for them one day. I recall placing both paintings in a wet painting carrier to dry. It was a homemade carrier made out of foam board. They and the carrier have never been seen since. I had visions of the carrier flying out of my van into the vast wilderness around Sun River, OR. (I also felt guilty that if that had happened it would be bad for the environment.) Maybe if I had signed them it could be considered a great promo stunt! Is there a lost and found site on the web? Has anyone else had an experience like this?


  1. Oh, Pam, how disappointing. I've never had that happen although there have been many I've deliberately lost. Your blog is wonderful, your art even more so, and your clever titles are like icing on the cake. And hopefully, to top it all off, you have very understanding children who will patiently wait while Mom double tasks again. ~ Beth

  2. I was moving from Goleta to Canoga Park in 1983 and had tied three oil paintings to the top of my car. I decided to take a windy scenic back road since I didn't know when I would ever come that way again. I had a great drive through some of my favorite country, but when I got to my new home my paintings and the rope that had held them were gone. I pictured them lying in the trees and shrubs around some hairpin turn and wondered if someone had seen them and picked them up, or if they ended up just rotting there slowly, by the side of the road. Oh well. It's very sad to lose something you've done for someone else, or for any particular purpose. It would be sadder still for me to lose a useful carrier! Well, things come into our life and things go out. I hope something great comes to you soon, to make up for this loss. Best wishes!