Tuesday, February 16, 2010

painting interruptus

Although there are a number of interruptions in my day when I'd rather be painting, there is always the necessity for promoting our art! Today was one of those days for me. Today was the day for me to hang some works at a neighborhood Starbucks. Well, maybe not the closest one for me but in a fun and funky neighborhood no less. If anyone would like to meander to the Hawthorne district this month and visit the Starbucks at 37th and Hawthorne you can now have a brew with a view! Nice baristas too! I like to think we as artists are beautifying our surroundings by sharing original artworks, not just looking for sales. I enjoy getting out to exhibits but am even happier when I stumble across someone's artwork or crafts in a surprising location. Coffee shops are usually more relaxed and one has some "alone time" to sit and ponder things. In fact the first year I moved to Oregon my neighborhood Starbucks was featuring artworks of local artists which really made an impression on me. Not that I needed an excuse, but I found myself visiting quite a few that year. In fact some of those "local" artists are now featured in SW Artist Magazine or signature members of Oil Painters of America. I guess it is great to know we can all get a boost from our morning java one way or another. I wish I had the time to visit all the exhibits that artist friends have on weekends. OK, break time is over. Time to get back to the easel and hope the muse had plenty of coffee of her own.

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  1. Hey Pam! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You've got a great start and I will add to that by giving you the Sunshine Award for great starts! Check out my blog for details and spread the Sunshine! Katherine