Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Milestone Day

Today is a milestone birthday for a friend of mine. I won't give away which birthday but this painting brings back an unforgettable day many years ago as if it were just yesterday. At the time I had just been accepted into the gallery. My FIRST gallery. Most people have heard about the heat and humidity of mid summer in the Midwest. This particular day was a scorcher. I was one of the artists invited to paint en plein air at her home. This was just one of the many beautiful window boxes that she tended. This lady has a green thumb and I wanted to do her proud! Of course in those days we had been out celebrating the night before. (Don't ask me why, it was a while ago.) I was feeling a bit "sluggish" while working in the direct sunlight but I really wanted to nail this one. Ever feel that pressure? It seemed I had no problem remembering to squint that day. With all the finesse I could muster I announced I would take a break in the shade. Things were just not coming together if you know what I mean. When I got back to my easel I found a cool drink, a little note of encouragement and a little packet of life savors which saved mine! That note was the thing that put the day into perspective. What a turn around for me to realize what art, painting, and friendship were all about. Having fun doing what you love to do no matter what the end result. Needless to say I still keep that painting around to remind me of that milestone for me and of of course today's birthday girl...Happy Birthday Blonde!


  1. What a beautiful painting and I loved the narrative that went along with it!

  2. wooohooooo you posted a comment. I am happy!

  3. Oh my gosh..I got another comment from you on my blog! Excellent! I'm waiting to see what you paint next! :)