Monday, March 15, 2010

Kicking it up a notch

Sometimes timing is perfect...just when I was feeling like I needed a little punch in my work and a little nudge from above along comes the perfect workshop. The first instructor I sought when I moved to OR was an artist I admired, Eric Jacobsen. His oil landscapes were breathtaking to see first hand. At the time he was exhibiting and teaching through a gallery in Troutdale which later moved to the Pearl. Now through Art on the Boulevard in Vancouver, Eric is offering two still life classes in oils on Saturdays from 10-4PM. The next class will be Sat March 20th. Sign up if you have the chance. He has a gift for putting students at ease no matter what their level and to zero in on specific needs identified by each. It is so refreshing to have such a talented artist willing to share his knowledge and experience to anyone willing to learn. In the 4 hour class period he managed to demonstrate his own painting style, give an overall review of basics, share a wealth of resources, and guide each painter's abilities at their easel. He makes it fun to reach for the next level or as Emeril would call it "kicking it up a notch"! What a great shot in the arm for me to finish up my studio series before heading outdoors soon. For further information on Eric's workshops go to Celeste's Blog "Celeste Paints" or to "Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters" both on


  1. I love this painting that you did at Eric's workshop--you are the hands down queen of composition! Everything you wrote about Eric is true. He is a gifted artist and is so capable of getting such important points across. See you soon!

  2. Thanks Celeste, I think your work came out rather well with a wonderful compositon. It was a large canvas to fill too! Eric is the best!