Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New exhibit for New Seasons

Another opportunity for displaying art works!
New Seasons Market in Happy Valley invited me to display landscapes in their gallery located in the cooking school area nearest the west entrance. The art exhibit went up yesterday and will be on display through April 1st. Once again I must say although it takes time and energy to hang art other than in a gallery setting, it is not only appreciated for beautifying an area, it can be an educational tool as well. Not everyone understands how fine art gets accomplished by the artist, when, where, or why. This is my own neighborhood and I'm hoping this exposure will generate curiosity to seek out more of this information. I have business cards and a bio provided along with my work in a very comfortable social setting where learning becomes enjoyable. The area adjacent is a dining area for all the wonderful delicacies New Seasons has to offer customers first hand. In addition art works by local school students are also displayed. It was fun for me to watch both exhibits going up simultaneously. What a revelation for me to think back to an earlier time (noted in my bio) about wanting to become an artist someday. I hope I can inspire one of these budding artists to want their own show someday too. For now - a New Season is just around the corner!

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