Friday, March 19, 2010

Spot light on fruits of the season

I enjoyed a timed painting exercise yesterday using two freshly sliced blood oranges from none other than my neighborhood NEW SEASONS of course. Their produce is so juicy good and weekends often have seasonal fruit tastings prepared for you as you walk into the store.
Frequent flyer/buyers like myself have gotten to know when Brittany is making one of her gorgeous displays of sliced and diced fruits to entice the senses. Even though I didn't need these warm colors to chase away the Portland gray, one slice into this blood orange inspired me to go for it! If I hadn't taste-tested these delectable creatures they may never have come home with me to be immortalized. Instead they inspired their immediate portraits and became a treat to share before dinner. Using a small canvas and my favorite paint colors I set a timer to see what I could accomplish during my "happy hour"! I hope you enjoy this visual display but I must say they were as much fun to eat. Perfectly sweet and juicy even when they had been warmed a bit from my studio spot light! I have to stop getting side tracked by these fruits of the season when it is looking and feeling like plein air painting season is in the air. So many temptations calling to artists armed with wet paints and brushes....Spring is finally here!

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